Thank you for your support.

Friends and Neighbors,

The past two weeks and a half have been full of moments of immense happiness, and a few sad moments. But throughout all that, we have a new president! The amount of relief I have felt over the past two weeks I know has been felt by many of you. It’s as if you could hear a collective sigh across this region when the race was called for President-Elect Biden and our first South Asian and Black Female Vice President Kamala Harris (so excited to get to say that now).

I am proud of the campaign and the year and a half that we spent focusing on issues facing our city, and working to find practical solutions. We were principled and bold. We made a difference.  

There is still much work to be done. Our trees still need to be brought into the development code, and we need to secure stronger protections for them. Our city needs to continue its work to make our community more inclusive and safe for communities of color. Our housing development needs to grow more people centric. In short, we have to create opportunities and options for people of all races and incomes to thrive in our city. 

Starting in January, my term will end on city council. I may not be Councilor Kohlhoff anymore after that, but this city is still home. As one close friend said: "The issues remain and I know you can’t keep silent." So know that I am with you in solidarity. 

Thank you to those who supported my race for Mayor. Whether you were able to be a donor, or spent time sign waving with me, making phone calls, or sending texts, I could not have done any of it without your support. 

To those who hosted a lawn sign for me, thank you. Your visual support was incredibly important to me. If you still have your lawn sign, please recycle or repurpose. If you would like someone from the campaign to pick it up, please let us know at Thank you again.  Hope to talk further.